good color emeraldSunstone is a brightly colored gem, usually in dark peachy orange tones with gold flecks inside it.  The gold flecks are actually tiny platelets of hematite that reflect light from within the stone, creating a bright speckled sheen. Sunstone is a member of the feldspar mineral family, along with moonstone and labradorite.

The sunstone that is found in Oregon comes in a wider variety of colors including golds and greens. It is often faceted to make use of its clarity and color. The sunstone from India is more included with beautiful gold flecks that give it an iridescence and it is usually cut en cabochon.

Sunstone, like all gemstones in its family, is somewhat soft and also brittle – it can scratch more easily than most gems and can sometimes chip if knocked.  Therefore, rings and bracelets with sunstone should be worn with caution.  A bezel setting will provide the stone with some more protection than a prong setting.

Though sunstone can be somewhat unusual and hard to find (have to look beyond main stream jewelry stores), it is not a very expensive stone.

This is an Indian sunstone at 60X magnification. You can see the hematite platelets and get a hint of the iridescent sheen they create.

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