Jade Meaning and Symbology

Jade helps one to realize his dreams and maintain fidelity to his purpose in life. People can put a piece of jade beneath their pillow at night to help to release negative emotions through the dreaming process.

Jade provides a connection to the Ancient cultures of the Far East and the Mayans. In both of these cultures, jade is the utmost sacred stone. It creates a connection to the divine and the eternal. Jade is also very good for restoring and maintaining balance: between the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of life.

In China, it is customary to wear a piece of jade either as a bangle or an amulet, and never take it off. The Chinese believe that the longer the piece is worn on the body, the greener it becomes – the green color coming from the jade’s ability to extract ailments of the body, keeping the wearer in good health.

Jade is also an excellent stone for wealth and achievement, releasing the subconscious inhibitions or limitations and giving us “permission” to get what we want.

Emerald green jadeite has the ability to unite groups of people and facilitate common understanding toward a shared purpose. It can also improve dysfunctional relationships.


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