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Shopgemstones.com is your resource for information on gemstones.

Why was ShopGemstones created?

We love gemstones and everything about them. We want to talk about them and share their beauty with the world. When we started to look around on the internet for quality gemstone information, we were quite shocked to find that so many websites offer information that is so hard to understand and doesn’t really help people that want to know more and be prepared for buying gemstones, or offer information that is not true to being with. This inspired us to create a gemstone website of our own to

  • offer practical advice to make buying gemstones easy
  • cut through the scientific texts and make it fun to learn about gemstones
  • provide unbiased information that has the consumers best interests in mind.

Practical advice that people can actually use

We have been shopping for gemstones all over the world and we know how hard and overwhelming it can be. The jewelers want to sell you anything and you really cannot rely on their advice. How to know which is a good stone? What should I look for in a gemstone? What’s a fair price to pay? How to get the best deal? So many questions, not enough answers – until now.

It is our commitment to make all the information very practical and illustrated with photos to give advice you can use right away when making your buying decisions.

Easy to understand gemstone information

Gemstones are beautiful, amazing and fun. So the texts about them should be that too. Unfortunately when you look for information about any gemstone, you are most likely bombarded with specific terminology and numbers which don’t mean much to most of us.

When we talk about gemstones, we make sure that what we present is easy to understand, yet comprehensvie so you will learn a lot and be well prepared.

We offer 100% original content. Unbiased.

There are many websites out there on gemstones, jewelry and how to shop for them. But alas – most of them are run by people/companies that sell gemstone jewelry themselves too. The information they provide is often created in a way to promote the jewelry they’re selling, and thus they put their financial goals ahead of the goal of providing you with quality information that really helps you.

We don’t sell jewelry nor are we affiliated with any gemstone jewelry business. It is our goal and passion to share the world of gemstones with you and to give you the best information available so you can buy the best gemstones.

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